Combined MFA/MBA

The Schulich School of Business and the Graduate Programme in Visual Arts offers a three-year combined programme leading to both a Master of Business Administration and Master of Fine Arts degree.

The combined MFA/MBA degree programme offers students a unique opportunity for study. Graduates of this highly challenging programme will follow career paths in which knowledge of the arts and of management and business are required.

The MFA/MBA programmes complement each other in focus and offer excellent preparation for those interested in management careers in the arts and cultural sector.

Admission Requirements

For acceptance into this combined programme, students need to meet the application requirements for both the M.F.A. and the M.B.A. as outlined by the University.

Students must have a four year undergraduate degree (or equivalent) in Fine Arts earning a minimum B+ average. Students must earn a score on the Graduate Management Admissions Test (GMAT) that meets or exceeds the minimum score required for admission into the MBA programme.

Students should have relevant work experience within the arts or cultural industries. (This will be assessed by the Admissions Committee which is made up of the Graduate Programme Director in Visual Arts, the MBA Arts and Media Coordinator, the Admissions Officer from the Schulich School of Business and a representative from the Faculty of Graduate Studies.)

Students may apply for admission after the successful completion of one year in either the MBA programme or Visual Arts Graduate Programme.

Programme Length

The normal full–time load is 15.0 credit-hours of courses per term. Students who enroll in the combined programme should be able to complete it within a three year period.

In so doing, students will meet all of the core programme requirements in each individual programme. Cognate requirements in each programme can be filled through course work in the parallel programme.

Arts and Media Graduate Diploma

Students may add an Arts and Media Graduate Diploma to their combined MFA/MBA degrees.

The Arts and Media Graduate Diploma requirements can be found in the calendars of the Schulich School of Business and the Faculty of Graduate Studies.

If students are doing a graduate diploma in Arts and Media Administration, as well as the two degrees, the summer semester, after their third year of study, would be an appropriate time to meet the internship requirement, although some students may be able to complete an internship at an earlier point in their studies.

Financial Support

A number of scholarships and bursaries are available for first year students in the MBA programme. Students in the combined programme who meet the requirements are eligible for this support for at least one year of study. In addition, the Programme in Arts and Media Administration offers support for internships particularly in the nonprofit sector for students who meet the criteria (which include meeting the Ontario Student Awards Programme requirements.)

In their second and third years of study, students may be eligible for research assistantships and teaching assistantships.